Network Policies

Network Disclaimer

By connecting to this network you are agreeing to abide by the rules. You will be anonymously scanned for open proxies upon connecting. If you do not wish to be scanned, please disconnect now by typing /quit or closing your client's window. We reserve the right to terminate your use of this network without prior warning if it is deemed that you are infringing on the policies set forth by the staff of this network, otherwise known as the IRC Operators (opers, IRCops). You also agree that you solely hold responsibility for the the content that you introduce into this network and will be prosecuted if any crime is committed.

Terms of Use

Acceptable Usage

The Navalmonte IRC Network and usage of all services provided are done so free of charge. For this reason, we reserve the right to take action against any user using the service that threatens to compromise the network, its users, its functionality or availability through violation of these terms. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Forced entry through any means, to a restricted entry IRC channel
  • Impersonation of any user, staff or service with harmful intent
  • The sending of repeated or otherwise general spam messages to a user or channel
  • Harassment to any user or staff member

Navalmonte also adopts some of U.S. and international law in order to further prohibit illegal or otherwise questionable content. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Prohibition of mass advertising in any form (query, notice or in other channels)
  • Prohibition of ban evasion for network/channel bans
  • Navalmonte does NOT accept nick!*@* mask bans as acceptable bans in cases of ban evasion.
  • Prohibition of advertising other IRC Networks
  • Prohibition of channels with names similar to that of another on the Network
  • Prohibition of nicknames associated with religion
  • Suspension/termination of assets on the network (nicknames and channels)
  • Temporary shun, restriction of abilities on the network
  • Temporary/permanent revocation of network usage through the usage of *:lines
  • And in extreme cases, legal action/contact to the ISP and/or the authorities

Network Services Usage

  • NickServ, maintains the nickname registrations and management
  • ChanServ, maintains the channel registrations and management
  • MemoServ, maintains communication through short messages to Offline or otherwise unavailable users
  • BotServ, maintains network managed bots to assist with channel moderation and management
  • HostServ, maintains virtual hosts for hiding the masked hosts of users
  • Global, maintains announcements to the network users on a global basis
  • OperServ, maintains access to the management of the network and its services for Network Operators

Bots managed by the BotServ service are provided to channels upon request, however, may be revoked at any time for abuse at the discression of the network staff.

Channels must also follow several guidelines in order to gain and refrain from losing a bot:

  • Channels must have a clean record
  • Channels must have a minimum of 3 users
  • Channel owners must not have previous offenses relating to abuse of network and/or its services

vHosts (virtual hosts) are given in confidence that they will not be abused; abuse is subject to the consequences listed in Section 2A. vHosts maintain the following restrictions:

  • (virtual idents, *[email protected]*) are strictly forbidden in vHost requests and will not be accepted
  • vHosts may be requested only once per week per nick (seven days from date of activation)
  • vHosts will not be permitted for users known to abuse services
  • vHosts must be formatted with a dot (.) after every word
  • vHosts that contain a valid domain name must have their ownership proven. An operator will contact you upon request as how to do so.
  • vHosts may not contain any sort of inappropriate wording.
  • vHosts that can be understood as a cloaked host (For example, are prefixed with hidden-) are not allowed.
  • vHosts may only contain IPs in the range listed in the RFC 5735.

Modification of these conditions

Navalmonte reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time with or without prior notice to the users of the services, however, will strive to inform users of any major changes to the conditions as seen fit by the network operations team. As such, we encourage users to regularly review these conditions for any changes by looking at the last modified date below.

Last update: 13 March, 2021